Security Procedures:

The safety of our kids is the highest priority at PS 14. ALL visitors MUST SHOW ID and sign in at the front desk with the school safety officer. Visitors will then go to the office on the second floor of the building for further instructions. Parents are NOT permitted to walk around the school building unless they are a certified school volunteer carrying out a specifically assigned task approved by school administration.

Birthday Celebrations:

Please check with your child’s teacher BEFORE sending in birthday snacks or goodie bags. It is up to the teacher to determine when and if birthday celebrations may take place. Please note many of the teachers may permit birthday celebrations but not all teachers allow parents to come to the classroom. Some prefer the party materials to be dropped off in the main office.

Blue Emergency Contact Forms:

During the first week of school your child will bring home blue emergency forms for you to complete and promptly return to the classroom teacher. For
your child's safety, keep your emergency contact information up to date! We cannot emphasize this enough. This includes changes to your address, all phone numbers and e­mail addresses, emergency names and phone numbers for school staff to call if you cannot be reached, changes in family status and medical alerts.

Always inform school staff about any changes in your family that may affect your child's behavior or performance in school. Your confidentiality will be respected while we support yourchild. If you will be temporarily out of town for more than a few days, be sure to inform your child's teacher and office staff; tell us how to reach you in an emergency. For your child's safety, you are required to notify school administration if you have an Order of Protection or Harassment Restraining Order to protect a child in your household. We will also need a copy of this document and a recent photo of the perpetrator.

Emergency Procedures:

Each New York City public school has a safety plan with written guidelines for families and staff to follow in the event of an emergency. The district reviews the plan each year. Teachers, staff and students will exit the building by designated routes. Emergency drills are held periodically throughout the year, as specified by the DOE.


If school is evacuated for any reason, the evacuation site will be posted on the Department of Education website. You can also call 311 for this information.

Safety Meetings:

The school’s safety committee meets once a month in accordance with the Chancellor’s regulations. Also one meeting a year is an open town hall meeting held before a PTA meeting. Parents will be notified yearly 10 days in advance of this meeting. If you would like to join the safety committee or view the school’s safety plan please contact the PTA at 718-822-5341 or by email at