Recess/Outdoor Policy


The table below shows when each grade eats lunch and has outdoor recess. 

Outdoor Policy

At PS 14, we believe that fresh air and free play are vital to the healthy growth and development of children. You should therefore always assume that the students will be going outdoors before or after lunch. Our outdoor policy is consistent with the NYC Department of Education, which states that   outdoor play is permitted regardless of temperature when weather and yard conditions are appropriate. Students are not given the option of staying indoors if the weather is not to their liking. With this in mind, please make sure your child comes to school dressed appropriately. 


When the weather turns frigid, we consider several factors when deciding whether to send the students outdoors. As always, safety is our number one concern. We start by going to the schoolyard to assess the ground conditions and check the thermometer. If the surface is slippery, it's raining heavily, snow hasn't been removed or the wind chill as determined by the National Weather Service is low, students will spend their lunch recess indoors. 

Indoor Recess

If the weather is inclement, the students will spend lunch recess in the auditorium watching a G-rated movie. Please let the school know if your child is not allowed to watch movies due to family beliefs and other arrangements will be made.  

Clothing Choices

Make sure your child comes to school dressed for the weather. In winter, this means hats, gloves, and a scarf and possibly boots. Because the schoolyard is in direct sunlight, you should apply sunblock to your child in all seasons. At all times children should avoid wearing open-toed sandals, flip flips, backless styles and shoes with a slippery sole (such as ballet slippers). Besides impeding movement, such styles can result in injuries and pose a danger on stairs. 




     Outdoor Recess 


11:45am to 12:10pm

12:15pm to 12:40pm


12:15pm to 12:40 pm

11:45am to 12:10pm


10:55 am to 11:20 am

11:20am to 11:45am


11:20am to 11:45am

10:55am to 11:20 am


12:45pm to 1:10pm

1:10pm to 1:35pm


1:10 pm to 1:35pm

12:45 pm to 1:10pm