At this time the school’s main source of communication is by sending notices home in your child’s backpack. Please be sure to check it every day. The school also uses the phone message system for important reminders, please make sure you have a current number on file for this system.

The school’s main phone number is 718-822-5341. The greeting will give you numbered options to reach the different members of the school community. Please note that the option listed for the PTA is a virtual mailbox only-not an actual extension. You may reach the PTA by email at

You may reach the Parent Coordinator directly by dialing 347-563-4896, or email at


Although we maintain an open door policy, we ask that you call (718) 822-5341 for an appointment so we will have the time to assist you.

Meeting with or contacting teachers:

Our teachers strive to maintain a strong home/school communication. Each teacher has a preference for keeping in touch and will let you know the best way to establish communication (notes, email, phone, etc.).

Teachers have very busy schedules; for this reason, we ask that you not drop in on them without an appointment. Please remember that arrival and dismissal times can be hectic. We ask you to refrain from approaching a teacher for a "quick conversation" about your child at these busy times. If you need to meet with a teacher, please send a note stating the reason for the meeting and list some times when you are available to meet. The teacher will contact you to schedule an appointment.

If you have a concern about your child's academic performance or behavior, please speak with the classroom teacher first before seeking the advice or counsel of an administrator, guidance counselor or clinician. If you have a specific concern about your child's work or behavior in a specialty class (art, computer, library, physical education, or science,) please contact that teacher directly.

If you aren't sure what to do or whom to contact, speak with the Parent Coordinator, Ms. Evelyn at 347-563-4896.

Please be discrete when discussing private or confidential matters in the hallways, PTA office or elsewhere in the building where others might overhear your conversation. Speaking to a teacher in front of students or other parents can be inappropriate.