Breakfast And Lunch

Free Breakfast

Breakfast MenuIf your child doesn’t have much of an appetite before leaving for school, take advantage of our universal free breakfast program. Free breakfast is served in the cafeteria every morning from 7:35 to 8:10. Your child should enter the cafeteria through the schoolyard on Crosby Avenue. Please make sure your child arrives in the cafeteria by 7:50 to allow enough time to eat and clean up. Parents may not enter or wait in the cafeteria while their children eat breakfast.

School Lunch

Students may bring lunch from home, or they may buy school lunch in our cafeteria. At $1.75, school lunch is not only tasty and nutritious but also a bargain. The Secretary of Agriculture has just unveiled new standards for public school lunches. One big change is that lunches must include more fruits and vegetables, and there are limits on fat, cholesterol and sodium in menu items. Trans fats have been eliminated, along with artificial colors and flavors. You can find the school lunch menu on the home page of this website.

Lunch Forms Lunch Menu

At the start of each school year, you will be asked to return a federal application for free meals. Everyone needs to submit a new form even if you submitted one last year. In order to qualify the free lunch program you must fill out all of the information asked for on the form. This information is completely confidential and is not released to any government agencies. If you don't want free lunch, or you do not qualify for free lunch, simply enter your child's name and class number, sign your name and return the form to your child's teacher, you do not need to provide information on your family income.    

Lunch Account

No money is exchanged on the lunch line. You can pay for lunch by signing up for an account on   or by sending in a check made payable to the PS 14. Clearly label your check with your child's full name and class number, put it in a sealed envelope labeled Lunch Money and give the envelope to your child’s teacher.