Arrival, Dismissal, Early Pick-Ups and Inclement Weather

School Hours

Regular hours: 8:20 am to 2:40 pm Monday through Friday

Extended-day hours (selected students only, Tuesdays and Thursdays):
2:40 pm to 3:30 pm   

Drop-off and Pick-up

Morning Drop-off.  All students in Grades1-5 will be picked up by their teachers in the auditorium at 8:20 am. Children in these grades should enter the building through the Crosby Avenue gate. The gate has a school aide and school monitors to help ensure the children get into the building. The Crosby Avenue gate closes promptly at 8:10 am. Children who arrive later than 8:10 am must use the school’s main entrance on Bruckner Blvd.

Children in Kindergarten should enter the building through the school’s main entrance on Bruckner Blvd. Kindergarteners go to the cafeteria and wait at their assigned table for their teachers who pick them up at 8:20 am.

Breakfast.  Breakfast starts at 7:35 am each day. Please do not drop off your child earlier than 7:35am as it is unsafe to leave children unsupervised. Early birds are not allowed to wait outside their classroom, in the hallway or in the main office until supervision begins. 

Daily attendance

Teachers take daily attendance promptly at 8:20am. Students entering the main lobby after this time are considered late and must get a late pass from security. Lateness will be recorded in the students' official records.

Afternoon Pick-up

All students in grades 1-5 will be dismissed in the schoolyard at 2:40pm. Kindergarten students are dismissed directly from their portable classrooms. The gate will be closed promptly at 3:00pm. If you're late picking up your child, go to the main entrance and sign in with security before picking up your child.  Extended-day classes are on Tuesday and Thursday only and dismiss at 3:30pm.

Prompt pickups.   Please keep your child’s schedule in a visible location to ensure that you or your caregiver picks up your son or daughter on time every day. Late pickups are stressful for children and adults. Make every effort to arrive 5-10 minutes before dismissal. That way, you'll always be on time.   


Please remember to be considerate of others. Drop or pick up your children as quickly as possible in either location. Do not double park on Crosby Avenue as this creates unsafe conditions. On the Bruckner side please do not park in the bus unloading zone, or double park because others cannot get down the street. Do not park in the Food Town lot-they will tow you. If you are violating parking regulations you will be ticketed. It is best to leave yourself enough time to find a legal parking place or walk.

Inclement Weather: Arrival and Dismissal.  On inclement weather days school administration may change the drop off or pick up procedures to ensure the safety of the children. Parents will be notified of the change through the school’s phone message system. Please make sure the school has a current number to leave these messages.

Early Pick-up

All visitors must show a photo identification and sign in at the security desk. The security agent will then give you a visitor's pass and direct you to the main office, where office staff will provide assistance or redirect you further. Make sure the person picking up your child has a photo ID. 

If your child is ill ,  go to the main office after signing in with security. Do not go directly to the medical office. Office staff will then notify the nurse of your arrival. You must sign your child out in the main office. 

If your child is leaving school early,  notify your child’s teacher in writing. After signing with security, go to the main office where staff will call the classroom and ask the teacher to send your child to the main office. You must sign your child out in the office. For safety reasons, students will only be released to adults listed on the Emergency Blue Card. Keep your emergency contact information up to date. We can't emphasize this strongly enough. Students will not be dismissed to a minor (18 years or younger) without your written permission in advance of the early dismissal.